Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Beauties and Viburnum 'Dawn'

These tiny ephemeral flowers appear in the spring and can carpet an area. The flowers, at least when they first come out, have a pinkish cast to them. The leaves have just appeared here so the flowers can't be far behind. The whole thing is over pretty quickly and by the time really warm weather has come, they will be gone. I leave them in flower beds when they appear since they don't get in the way of anything, even when there are a lot of them. I have always loved these little gems. Don't know if they transplant well or not. They seem to get around just fine all on their own.

Lots of things appearing in the garden right now. The Corydalis solida are in bloom (more on them tomorrow), the Virginia Bluebells are starting to come up, the first Primroses are in bloom and then there is this lovely bush, not all that well know, which is putting on the best show it has for many years. I realized when I went to get the picture, that it was just of the leaves. That will be fixed as soon as I get outside and I'll add a pictures of the flowers. This shrub has been in the garden forever and is one of the best pink early bloomers we have. It's only problem is that if we have a warm spell in January or February, it thinks spring has come and starts showing color on its bud - may even start to open. This just means that it will be frosted with the next cold snap. Like most Viburnums, it is nicely scented - this one not being overwhelming like some of them.
Back later with the flower picture and the full name of this one.

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