Sunday, March 22, 2009

Plant Purchases

On the first day of spring we had to go into town to run errands, and being the first day of spring, and having to drive past Lowes, you know we had to go in a see what they had in the garden center. I swore I would just look and not buy anything, but I always say that and I always buy something. What we found were 2 primroses in Hank's two favorite primrose colors - blue and orange. I like other colors better, but this is mostly what they had so far. I found a miniature
Columbine, only supposed to get 12 inches tall, It's tiny so far, so we'll see. The colors on the flowers are red and yellow, reminiscent of a species from the midwest/plains in the U.S. That one is horribly invasive so I'll be anxious to see if this is in any way related. The last thing we got was that lovely blue flower in the front. Now, at this early hour if I could remember the name of it, we'd all be doing good. Alas, it is still before 7 AM and my brain just isn't up to what it should be yet. The tag said zone 6, my gardening book says zone 7 mostly but plants only in spring in zone 6, so I'm going to figure this one will need a good mulching or for the corms to be lifted like a dahlia in the fall, to spend the winter in my refrigerator crisper.
We gave away some more bamboo yesterday in our continuing effort to get the patch under control. Anyone who is close enough is welcome to some. All that is required is a sturdy shovel and a strong back. The is a freebie. Post here or email if you're interested.


GardenJoy4Me said...

How could you NOT buy plants girl ! LOL .. that is exactly what I say too .. "I'm just looking !!" .. that is an amazing blue flower in your picture .. such a strong shade of blue, very pretty !

keewee said...

This time of year I am a compulsive plant buyer.Just like you, I have to buy something. Yesterday I had a blast, see it all on my post.