Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Usually as soon as you are about 30 feet from one of the ponds the frogs stop singing and when you get withing about 10 feet (sometimes even more) they disappear, in unison, beneath the water of foliage. In one of the back ponds yesterday there were about 18 frogs sunning themselves and singing. I always wanted to get a picture of them and never could because they disapear even before a telephoto lens would get them. I don't know why, because all of the other ones in the other ponds hid, but these just kept on singing. Once I got to the edge of the pond, 3/4 of them dove under the water, but these few just stayed.
This was taken from about 10 feet away when there were a lot of frogs still singing.

I told them it was too early to lay eggs, but they don't listen to me and went right ahead even though it will be in the 20s tonight. They often lose their first batch of eggs here because they lay them at the first couple of warm days. They'll just start over when the weather warms again. At least they have laid them in a pond instead of in the bog. When they do that we often have to add water because of the lack of rain to keep the bog wet until the tadpoles have turned into frogs. Sometimes they are down to a large puddle by then, but I can't bear to let them dry up. The little baby frogs are just so cute, about the size of my thumbnail.
Back to plants tomorrow.

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keewee said...

It is so soothing to lie in bed at night and listen to the frogs singing. We have marshy land just down the hill from our house, so this is a nice place for the frogs to live.