Saturday, March 14, 2009

Miniature Daffodils

Lots of pictures this morning, but not many words. These are all miniatures - tiny flowers on short or very short stems for the most part. There might be one or two that gets 8 inches tall, but most are closer to 5 or 6 inches. Foliage is often more reminiscent of chives than daffodils.
This first one is 'Xit'. New last year and already one of my favorites. It is absolutely pure white and if you look inside the cup, you will see a clear green at its base.

This next one is 'Tripartite' . It is one of those that come 3 flowers to a stem, though I only seem to have gotten 2 in the picture. For sure it wasn't eaten. That's one of my favorite things about daffodils - rabbits and deer don't eat them because the foliage is toxic to them. Not sure if the flowers are too since the cats will nibble on them with no ill effects, but the deer and rabbits do avoid them.

This next one is 'Sun Dial'. We have another, 'Sun Disc' which I don't seem to have a pictures of. I'll get one as soon as it blooms. It is all yellow and very round.

'Rip van Winkle' is one of the more unusual daffodils around. It looks nothing like what we usually think of as a daffodil. This one seems to make large clumps - which is always a good thing.

'Snipe is also an older variety. The petals are sometime, I guess usually, more reflexed, but the colors and long cup are right.

'Segovia' is also one of my new ones. This is along a path on the way up the hill to Lydia's Garden. It is near 'Xit'. This has a short, flaring cup. The neat thing about miniature daffodils is that you will find almost every variation in shape that you find in the full sized ones, except in a tiny flower.

'Little Soldier' has got to be the smallest one we have. It was difficult to get this picture without lying on the ground which is not always the most comfortable thing on a damp, cold spring morning. I don't think this one is even 4 inches tall.

This one has been in the garden for quite awhile as you can tell from the size of the clump. It is called 'Little Gem' and we have them around the fairy ring in the front yard.

'Chiva' is another of the tiny white ones. You can see from the size of the flowers compared to the dry leaves just how tiny these flowers are.

'Beryl' has a lovely shape I think. These reflexed ones seem fairly common among the small flowers.

Last but not least is 'Baby Moon'. You can see some of that odd foliage in this picture. It is the tall, dark lines running up near the center of the picture. Not very daffodil-like at all. Easy to mistake for an allium.

There are many more, but I think this is enough for now.



GardenJoy4Me said...

Jane .. you have a wonderful collection of these beautiful tiny bloomers. Now I want to have one (collection) just like you have .. you are responsible for what I order come the Autumn girl ! LOL

keewee said...

I really like Rip Van Winkle. I will have to look for this for my garden.