Thursday, March 12, 2009


This one was new last year and I didn't know anything about it before I planted it. It's common name is Spring Star Flower and is native to South Africa. This one is Ipheion uniflora 'Froyle Mill'. It only seems to come in this light blue violet, some with a lighter eye and some with no eye. Although it is a late spring bloomer, (probably with late tulips) the foliage is extra early in appearing and so it should probably be in a sheltered spot in the north. It is supposed to be a good increaser, though slower in colder climates. Like most of the rest of the spring bulbs, it will like a sunny location.
It's fun learning about all of these less familiar bulbs and I try to order at least one kind that I haven't had before each year with my daffodil orders. Luckily I'm not likely to run out of space with the 108 acres here, and they're mostly not expensive.


blossom said...

It's beautiful. I like the color.

Sylvia (England) said...

Jane, a lovely little bulb, I hope it likes you and increases. Visited your web site today, you have an impressive selection of hostas, I do like some of the names!

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

keewee said...

Such a dainty, pretty little flower.

Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

Sylvia - I love my hostas, really do, but I am so frustrated with them right now because they regularly get eaten by the deer from above and the roots destroyed by voles. It is a constant battle and one I'm not sure we're winning right now.