Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Helleborus tibetanus

This is one of my favorite hellebores, well probably my very favorite, not just because it is always the first to bloom, but also because of the delicate pink color. It is also quite dainty, never more than about 6 inches tall. It is also more delicate as to the foliage and will go totally dormant once hot weather arrives, to wait for late February/early March to reappear. If not pollinated by another early bloomer, it does reliable come true from seed.
This is one of it's babies, slightly darker foliage and blooms which are darker on the outside, though the insides are about the same lovely light pink.

This baby has more blue in it, though it was taken in deep shade and is not quite this blue in person. It, too, has the darker foliage.
It is so nice to have flowers blooming in the yard again. Makes one really want to get out and enjoy.


Sylvia (England) said...

Jane, I do like this one, it would be a lovely addition to my collection. I will see if I can buy it in the UK - seed would be nice.

I hope you don't mind but Melanie at http://melaniesoldcountrygarden.blogspot.com/ was asking about dividing hellebores. I have moved quite old plants but I didn't divide them. Thought you might know the answer to her question.

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

Sylvia, I was thinking of writing to Melanie, but realized that I have never divided a hellebore either. I transplant seedlings around, but just seem to leave my big clumps where they are. I've 'known' Melanie for years through our shared passion for daylilies.