Friday, March 27, 2009

Muscari - part two

This first one, Muscari botryoides 'Album', is less common, doesn't seem to spread as readily and is just all around more tempermental. That said, it is still well worth growing because it is unusual. It seems to bloom a little later than some of the others. The plant growing at it's base is Ranunculus numularai 'Aurea', a wonderful ground cover.
This next one is Muscari latifolium. I like this one because it is unlike any of the others and quite different. Instead of a clump of leaves, each plant has just one and if you look at the center leaf in the picture, you will see the bloomscape hiding inside. So cute. They are a dark blue and eventually, as you see, come out of hiding.

This one is Muscari neglectum. Though you can't see it in this bloom which isn't quite all the way out, neglectum has a tiny white rim around each floret. It is also lightly fragrant.

Last is one of my favorites, Muscari 'Valerie Finnis'. It is an ice blue and multiplies nicely into a larger clump, though doesn't seem to end up in other nearby places.

A couple of odd ones I don't have pictures of, but that you might want to try are Muscari plumosum. This is, as the name implies, a feathery plume of a bloom, lavender in color. We added a yellow flowered one last year, the name of which I don't remember (though I do see it offered in catalogs). It doesn't seem as showy as the other colors as the tiny yellow flowers just seem to fade into the background. Maybe this year it will put on more of a show.
After complaining about impending drought, we have had almost 2 inches of rain over the last couple of days. More expected tomorrow. Maybe the gardening season is saved after all.

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keewee said...

your post on Muscari has prompted me to not only place a marker by the different varieties of plants,which I usually do, but to record the individual names in a notebook. Markers get lost or the names fade and my memory has faded too.