Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Pictured here - Hibiscus 'Flyer'. Fall is coming (quickly) and this is definitely a harbinger of things to come. If you need a plant that will make a statement in the garden, this is it. Bright red flowers, some a foot across, on plants that can reach 10 feet tall. Definitely something you can see from across the yard if not from down the street.
Actually, I wasn't going to write about Hibiscus today, but rather about changes to the blog. As I've gotten older and the garden has gotten bigger (the problem with having pretty unlimited space in which to plant), my time for sitting at the computer has shrunk, so I'm going to try a monthly newsletter sort of thing with what's blooming now, maintenance type things I'm doing in the garden, new plants we've added, bugs we're fighting with and much more. This won't, of course, keep me from posting more often as things occur to me or when I have pictures to share, but maybe I can stop feeling so guilty about not posting so frequently if I can keep telling myself that I promised one newsy post a month. Maybe it's just the time of year when the garden gets dry and the weeds finally get totally out of control in spots and I find myself struggling to keep everything looking its best (and losing miserably in the effort). Of course, hosta beds and shade gardens look good except where the deer have munched, so if you're planning a visit, there will be plenty to enjoy.
So, shortly after the Labor Day holiday, look for my first monthly newsletter, or follow my weekly (or more often) updates on Facebook, always with a picture of something that's blooming. And while you're on Facebook, why don't you 'friend' us.