Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A quick post this morning. Sylvia had the most answers correct on the quiz. Thanks to all who joined in, including those who were shy about posting their answers on the blog and emailed them to me off-list. I think I made this a bit too hard, but it started out as pictures of things that looked not quite like themselves as they emerged in the spring, and just evolved into a guessing game. Hope you all enjoyed trying to figure them out.
This plant is a miniature Solomon Seal, only about 8 inches tall, variegated, and with a single bell shaped flower. Over the years it has formed a patch about a foot square. It has just come up in the past few days - very quickly - and is already blooming, as you can see. It does need its own spot because it is so dainty and would be lost in an overcrowded perennial border. It gets morning sun and then is in dappled the dappled shade of the chestnut trees for the rest of the day.

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10 Singer said...

Thanks for the answers and pictures of the "grown up" plants. Though I had some ideas on some, I did not guess as well as I thought. I was going by the types of plants I grow in my little part of the world. I can see that the polygonatums would be interesting, especially in the very shady spaces I have. Deer dined extensively on my "rhodie" (it has about three leaves left!) and I think, if it does not recover, I will try some different plants like the solomon seals. The hosta "white wll tire" is also very tempting!
Thanks again.
I am trying daylilies from seed this year, I know it can be 2 or 3 years before they bloom, but the possibilities are fascinating. Bought way too many seeds, as I do not expect 100% to grow. My garden is on my mobile home lot, so I only have a small space. Wish I had a few acres to work with!!
Happy Gardening!