Monday, January 14, 2008


I've been really lazy about writing lately. I could blame it on hibernation or some such, but in reality, with the number or warmish days we've had, there's been a lot of gardening happening around here. I did stack wood, a lot of wood really, but we've also been weeding out those nasty winter/early spring weeds, adding gravel and wood chips to paths, mulching beds and doing lots of pruning. We've even managed to transplant a few things. There's also the seeds starting in the greenhouse, some to plant and some things to sell. My biggest project has been to rehabilitate the garden over across the street by the parking lot. Last year it got pretty well neglected in the early spring and then with the drought and other priorities, it just got weedy. Now I did plant a few annuals and they were pretty, but on the whole, it was a mess. I am working my way through the whole things mulching the beds with cut leaves and doing the paths with wood chips. There will be a lot of annuals put in in the spring in addition to the trees, shrubs and daylilies and irises. I even managed to get a bit of poison ivy working on it. Almost always happens at least once during the winter. It was a warm day and I was working in a t-shirt, so despite the fact that I was wearing gloves and didn't get it on my hands, it did get on my arms.
I'll try and get caught up on things here now. The days are getting longer and spring can't be too far behind.