Friday, January 22, 2016

In the Greenhouse

Some days just aren't good for walks in the garden, despite the fact that the sun is shining.  I'm not a fan of cold as my friends will well know.  Cup of tea and a book in front of the fire.  That's more my speed.  That's where the greenhouse comes in.  It's only a short walk to get there and leave winter behind.  The sides and top are frosted, so that no reality of what is really happening outside can sneak in.  It is warm, humid and smells good, especially when something is blooming.  And things are starting to bloom.  The Christmas Cactus (which all bloomed this year at Halloween) are starting up again.  I hated when they bloomed so early, but love it that they're going to now apologize for their indiscretion and make it up to me by putting on another show.  The first is in full bloom now.  The second thing I noticed blooming was the Veltheimia capensis with it's lovely light pink blooms.  It is a flowering bulb which is dormant in the summer and usually blooms for us this time of year.  It is best put in a spot where the foliage won't be damaged by other things moving about as it is easily broken.  It sits at the back of a shelf, which is just fine as the bloom scape is easily visible above everything else.  The third thing I noticed blooming was this tiny little Corydalis solida.  I found 2 tiny bulbs on the ground in one of the gardens a few weeks ago, didn't recognize them, but as is my wont, planted them anyway and put them in the greenhouse.  Well, that's what they turned out to be.  The tiny leaves appeared last week and were instantly recognizable.  I expected that I'd have to wait until next year to see what color it turned out to be.  Wrong.  It is a pale pink and will stay happy in the greenhouse for now and be planted out in the spring.  Last but not least, of what's blooming inside now (not counting Coleus which have the tendency to just keep blooming and blooming no matter what) is the Pepperomia clusiifolia Jellie.  Not sure I would call this flowering, but blooming probably works.  This isn't what most people think of as a flower, just tall white spikes, and plenty of them.  I think it's happy.

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