Friday, January 8, 2016

Jasminum nudiflorum aureum

Even in colder years, there are things that reliably bloom in the winter.  Winter Jasmine, very aptly named, is one of those.  In all but the worst of winters (think the last 2 years), this one bursts forth with its cheery yellow blooms in January.  It is a creeping shrub, woody stems and deciduous.  It will tip root and eventually make a small colony, but it is not dense and spring bulbs will poke up through ours in a few months.  Jasminum nudiflorum aureum is the correct name for this one with its green leaves liberally splashed with yellow.  The bloom photo is what you would see now if this was growing in your garden, the other is what it looks like in summer.  It is a native of China.

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