Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hosta 'White Feather' and voles

White Hostas might be an acquired taste, but for collectors of the unusual and maybe even weird, they are a must have.  Because they do need chlorophyll to survive, the white is a fleeting thing.  As the season progresses, more green appears to provide nourishment for the plant.  I have found them to be especially tender, at least in the white phase, to late frosts.  Some, like the first photos of 'White Feather' turn all green, while others like the second photo of 'White Wall Tire' end up streaked green and white.  And what, you might be asking does this have to do with January?  Well, as I took a quick walk between rain showers yesterday I noticed a depression in the ground where 'White Feather' used to be.  Voles once again have struck the hosta beds and thought that 'White Feather' would make a nice snack. I managed to save one piece and potted it up.  We shall see if it survives, but hostas being hardy things, I think it has a good chance.

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