Saturday, January 23, 2016

Huernia zebrina

This has become one of my favorites over the years it has lived in the greenhouse.  Huernia zebrina is more commonly known as Life Saver Plant.  The name is perfect.  I've been told it is difficult, but ours seems to thrive, maybe on neglect.  It does want to dry between waterings, and doesn't seem to have a problem with getting pretty dry.  It does like full sun, something sometimes lacking in the hollow this time of year.  The stems, though they look prickly, are really just soft spikes, not thorns. Every piece that breaks off (and they do break off as they get long) will root.  Just stick it in some dirt.  It blooms intermittently all throughout the year, which is an especially nice trait in a houseplant.  It doesn't get to go outside with most of the others in the summer, as I think it would get just too wet and be unhappy.  It isn't an expensive plant, probably due to the east of rooting and starting new ones, and great for someone with a sunny window who tends to forget to water things.

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