Sunday, January 17, 2016


Some days just aren't days for wandering around the garden, though I admit, there aren't many of them.  Yesterday was one of those.  Not all that cold, but damp and cloudy.  A perfect day to spend inside making baskets and watching the birds.  We have feeders just outside of the big windows and get lots of visitors throughout the year.  Some are regulars like those I managed to take pictures of.  We even get to know individuals, like the sparrow we have right now that has no tail (we have a chipmunk like that too).  Just parents right now, but come spring they will all bring their new families in to eat too, babies that are every bit as big as their parents in most cases.  I've had good luck taking pictures through the glass, as these were done.  I probably have more luck than if I was outside since they are so used to me being on the other side of the glass that they just ignore me.  So here are some that kept me company yesterday.

All of them like the flat feeder, the small birds also eat their sunflower seeds out of the tube feeder and all but the doves eat the suet, much to the woodpeckers' displeasure.

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leslie said...

My Woodpeckers would rather eat sunflower hearts than suet.