Monday, January 11, 2016

Elephant Garlic

Although most of what we grow here in the hollow is strictly ornamental, there are a fair number of edibles here too.  Garlic is one of them.  This on is Elephant Garlic.  Quite easy and worth growing and not bothered by munching critters or nasty bugs or diseases, at least here.  Garlic is a bit of an odd one in the veggie gardening world as you plant it mid to late summer to harvest the next year.  For that reason, I've never grown it in the veggie garden proper, but rather in amongst the ornamentals. Elephant Garlic is the largest one we grow and likewise has the largest foliage.  On a normal winter, the foliage stays evergreen, though I can't say it always looks wonderful. If you're in a place with very cold winters, mulch is a good idea.  Give it full sun, a loamy soil and sufficient water and if will give you a good crop in most of the U.S. (zones 3-8 they tell me)

It blooms with typical Allium flowers, this one with a silly hat.

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