Monday, January 4, 2016


Getting colder out there, but the moss doesn't seem to notice, at least just yet.  Mosses are sort of wondrous.  In the summer, when it is so dry, they get kind of crappy looking, even fall off of their rocks sometimes if you brush against them, but when the rains start again in the fall,  they seem to come back to life, resurrected as it were.  Being a more shady garden than a sunny one, we do have lots of different mosses.  I wish I knew them better, but that is for another time, I suppose.  For now I will enjoy their cool, calm softness.  If you have the inclination to learn more about them, I'm including a link with lots of information and pictures. Something to explore on a cold winter's day when you can't get outside.
It even grow on the bottom of our barn door, among other places.
Here's the link for more explorations of mosses (and lichens)

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