Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Plants in the Snow

The first really snowy day when the ground was totally covered.  It started out warm enough, so I could take my walk and get some photos, but by afternoon the temperatures were falling, and at times, you couldn't even see the back barn for the blowing snow.  It is, after all, winter.  Not much weeding gets done this time of year anyway, though there is almost always something that can be accomplished, even if it is just picking up fallen branches after all the wind we had.  For now, just enjoy the snow pictures, hopefully as much as I enjoyed watching (but not necessarily being out in) the snow.
The first is Hamamelis 'Girard's Purple'

This little pine had a nice dusting.

Remember that Christmas Fern from yesterday?  Here it is in the snow.

The creek is not frozen, yet, but the edges should be sparkly and crispy soon with the expected cold.

And last, but not lease, the hill above the gardens, with those pines that we planted back in 1971

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