Friday, January 15, 2016

Pachysandra Kingsville

Most plants are at their best in the nice weather of spring, and summer and some still look great in the fall, but there are a few that are really at their best in the winter months.  Pachysandra 'Kingsville' is one of those.  For a good bit of the year this relative of the common Pachysandra that is used (though not usually very successfully) as a ground cover in place of grass, has pretty plain (though still pretty) green leaves.  Right now, though, as you can see, it has lovely patterned leaves. It does not spread with runners, either, like the other ones.  This makes a perfectly symmetrical clump, slowly expanding.  It likes a shady spot with a bit of dappled light.  Ours gets morning sun.  The flowers are white and look like typical Pachysandra blooms.  It's not as commonly found, maybe because it is at its best in the cold months when most people give up gardening and aren't out and about to enjoy it.

And a photo, not from right now, but taken from my archives, of the blooms.

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