Friday, January 1, 2016

1 January 2016 - A New Beginning

I had a plan, several years ago, to do a series of posts depicting 'a year in the hollow'.  Somehow it never happened.  With this year's wild and warm weather, and things blooming at all of the wrong times, it seemed the perfect time to finally get to it.  Every day I will share something that's blooming here (an excuse to get outside) and talk a bit about it.  For today, I share a photo of one of our ponds, still quite covered in duckweed. (even though it's not blooming at the monent)  Duckweed is a bit of a perennial pest here on any water that sits still for more than a day or so.  I'm told it does flower, but as it has one of the tiniest flowers around, I know I've never seen one.  Eaten by some, good place to hide for baby fish and frogs, and sort of pretty, though it does get carried away and has to be removed at times to let the water warm up so the waterlilies will bloom.

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