Thursday, July 3, 2008


Vinca is probably the most common groundcover. The above picture is Vinca minor, the most common of the vincas. The flowers are a blue/purple and the leaves are solid green, though sometimes the veining can be a slightly lighter green. It grows best in shade, though it will take sun. It takes a few years to establish, but then it will mostly choke out weeds. As with the other ground covers, it does need to be controlled, but also like the others, it is easy to rip out. It is best grown by itself or around trees. It is not especially good around things like hostas as it tends to overwhelm all but the hugest ones.
This is Vinca major. As the name implies this one has much larger leaves. Its proper name might actually have a variegata or something after it. Not sure. It also prefers more shade than sun and the variegation gives it a slightly grey/blue/green color.

Lots of new Vincas have come on the market in recent years. They all seem just as vigorous as the species. I seem to have 'misplaced' the name of this one. The variegation is most pronounced in early spring, but does persist throughout the season, being better with some sun. This is the only one I have growing here with white flowers. Flowering is just in spring, while the species often produces flowers mostly in the spring, but sporadicalaly throughout the year.

This one is 'Illumination'. Good name I think. The leaves are mostly gold. This one is growing in absolute full sun and seems happy. It started out under a Sycamore, but the tree is no longer there and the Vinca doesn't seem to be bothered by the change in light.

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I have never seen "illumination." Very nice. I shall have to look for it.
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