Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lilies - continued

The first of the lilies for this morning is Lilium uchida. It is another of the down facing ones, maybe not quite as tall as some of the 8 footers we seem to have in bloom right now.
This is Regal Lily. It is relatively tall and the flowers are huge. Most all of the trumpet lilies have huge flowers, maybe 10 inches long or longer. Wish I could write more intelligently about these flowers, but I just don't know that much about them except that they're darned pretty and smell really good.

This is Regal Alba, the pure white version of the one above.

These next two are Orienpet Lilies which are a cross between the Oriental Lily and something else. Again, I don't know enough about these to know the other half of the cross, but wanted to show you all how pretty the flowers are. These are quite a bit shorted than the others, maybe only 4 feet tall, but still back of the border plants. This first one is called 'Touching' and is a shade of yellow/beige - an odd shade for these lilies, I think, most being red/pink/mauve/white.

This one is Orienpet 'Red Hot'. Not really red, more of a creamy pink, I think.

The last if Muscadet which show what seems to be a characteristic of lots of this type - the freckles.
Not sure where we're going tomorrow. Good news for a change, we had amost 2 1/2 inches of rain in a huge thunderstorm about 4 this morning. It was getting dry, so this should keep the sprinklers off for a few days.

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