Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Sad Morning

I was going to write about mulching this morning, since we have been doing a lot of it lately, but instead I think I'll just write about our cat Bubba who died this morning. He was an older kitty and had asthma for many years, much worse lately, and I think it finally just got to be too much for his body to handle any more. He was Mommykatt's kid who was born in the back barn and who she dropped on the porch just as soon as he was weaned as if to say, "Enough, you can have him now". He was one of our biggest cats, but also one of the gentlest, always wanting to sit on your lap or curl up under your chin while you took a nap. He purred loudly and frequently and loved having his long silky hair brushed. He will be missed.

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