Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daylily Seedlings Yesterday

Daylily season is getting started in earnest here and yesterday there were two seedlings blooming that I really liked, even though they were really different from each other. The first one is a very skinny petaled spider, a relatively large flower, maybe 8 inches across, though I didn't measure. I carry enough when I'm doing pictures between camera, clipboard, pencil, tablet, grids of the daylily rows, etc. I carry the grids so I can identify plants where the deer have kicked out the tags or where the clumps have entirely engulfed a tag. Although I primarily hybridize for polytepal (4 petals and sepals instead of 3) most seedlings don't come out that way so I just select for the nicest seedlings without regard for what I was trying for.

This isn't a new seedling this year, but is finally coming into its own. Most daylily seedlings take 2 or 3 years (as do hosta seedlings, actually) to develope into what they are going to look like as mature plants. I always liked the color on this one, but it didn't always double reliably. this year all of the blooms are double and there are lots of them. I may introduce this one next year, now that the clump has multiplied to a size where I can separate off some fans.

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