Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Field of Daylilies

This is what the daylily bed behind the front barn looked like a few days ago. We are probably past peak bloom now, but with the late season ones starting to come out, our season will stretch on for quite awhile yet - not with the intensity of the past few weeks, but more sparse and definitely more yellow. That seems to be the way with most of the earlies and lates. We often have some bloom until frost as we have had bloom since shortly after the last frost in early May. Although daylilies do seem to concentrate their main bloom in only a few weeks, with some planning you can get bloom for quite a long time. We do also get a bit of rebloom on some, though not what those of you who garden in the south can expect.
This is 'August Ruby', one of the exceptions to the yellow lates. It started blooming yesterday, about 2 weeks earlier than usual. The red color, in person, is much more velvety and intense than the picture indicates. One of my favorite reds, though an older one.
Tomorrow - all those really tall daylilies, the ones I need a stepladder to get good pictures of.

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