Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July

No picnics here today since we're supposed to have rain all day. In fact, there is even a flash flood warning. This is daylily season, or at least the beginning of it, so I thought I'd do a red, white and blue daylily picture show. There is no true blue in daylilies yet, so I'll just do my best. With over 1500 different registered daylily cultivars in the gardens, the choice wasn't easy, but I just went for some I remembered quickly. The red is Spiderman as it looked yesterday. It is an older cultivar, as is the next one.
This is Dad's Best White, and it is simply, white. Nothing fancy, no eyes, or edges, or ruffles, or teeth - just pure, simple white.

This last is 'In The Navy'. As I said, blue doesn't really exist in daylilies yet, but this is one that is on the way to it. This was taken last summer as it is not in bloom yet. It is a lovely mini and very dependable here once it found a place that it liked - hot baking sun - which is probably more like it's original home in Florida than most of my garden.

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