Friday, July 11, 2008

Hemerocallis 'Primal Scream'

Some days you go out into the garden and there is a flower that is just perfect - and deserving of its own post. This was 'Primal Scream' this morning, as perfect as I've ever seen it. To say it stands out from anywhere in the garden would be an understatement. The picture hardly does the glowing orange justice. It has been in the garden for a number of years, since it was a fairly new introduction and only gets better. Hybridizer was Curt Hanson back in 1994. According to the registration the scapes are 34 inches tall and the flowers 7 1/4 inches wide. Here the scapes are shorter than that and the flowers larger. That's just fine with me.
Sorry about missing yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me put any pictures up and I couldn't imagine writing without something pretty to write about.

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