Saturday, July 5, 2008

Spider Daylilies

This is 'Kindly Light' which was hybridized/registered in 1949, if my memory serves me correctly. It was/is the standard by which spiders were judged for many years with its very skinny and long petals. This is not the best picture, but as it is important in the history of spider daylilies, I wanted to include it.
This is 'Asiatic Pheasant'. I think it is currently classified as a spider, but it is bordering on the classification of Unusual Form, which are basically things that have petals too wide to be officially spiders, but still have long petals. Unusual Forms also often have twisted and curled petals. More on those tomorrow with pictures.

This is 'Great Red Dragon' a new aquisition last year. It was hybridized by Jamie Gossard from Columbus, so it is a 'local' flower. This was its first bloom, so I expect that this year it will be a much improved flower. It often takes daylilies 3 years to get back to proper color/shape/size after transplanting.

'Coral Crab' is one of my favorites. In addition to the color, I love the twisting and ruffled edges that almost look like little bumps when viewed from the right direction.

Most spiders are large, floppy affairs, but this is one of the few miniature daylilies that is also spidery. 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' is one of the early ones to bloom and is just covered with these little flowers. It is tall and delicate and one of my favorites.

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