Saturday, July 26, 2008

Very Taaaaaalllllll Daylilies

The tallest large clump of daylilies in the yard right now is 'Autumn Minaret'. It stands a good foot or so over my head which would make it over 7 feet tall. We have a few of our seedlings as tall, but I don't think that any are taller.

Here's a closeup (at least as close as I could get via telephoto lens) of the blooms.

This one is 'Purity'. It is just a little shorter. Most of these are older cultivars and most all of the talls are late midseason to late bloomers.

This is 'Challenger', one of the oldest and one of the few that isn't some version of yellow. There are at least 3 different cultivars of 'Challenger' out there with slight variations in color.

Next is 'Statuesque'. a more gold shade with a chevron eye.

This is 'Altissima', another one for which there are several clones available. We have three of them, this one, one with a more peach bloom and one with very bluish leaves.

There have been several new introductions of tall ones in the past few years, very different from the older ones. Both this and the one that follows are just about 6 feet tall, a little shorter that most of the older tall ones, but the big difference is that the blooms are more like modern daylilies, quite a bit larger than the old ones. Some of the new ones are even tetraploid. This is 'Sears Tower'.

Last, but not least, is 'Notify Ground Crew'. I think this one has been saved from being deer salad because it is growing up into a white redbud tree. It used to sit there all by itself, then next to the tiny tree, and not growing right up into the branches. The shade doesn't seem to be bothering it a bit as it has more blooms than ever. It had been blooming for a few days before we even realized it. This one, along with 'Berlin Tall Boy', has been a good parent for tall seedlings.

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