Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daffodils - Division 1

These are the daffodils you think of (at least I think of) as traditional daffodils - the ones that were around 50 years ago when I thought daffodils were all yellow and looked like 'King Alfred' which is one of the old standards.
This first is one of Hank's favorites. You can't really tell from the picture, but it is a really large flower and pure white. Sometimes when it first comes out the cup is slightly shaded as it is here, but it is very quickly absolutely chalk white.

This next one is 'Pineapple Prince' and is a relatively new one in the garden. It is almost a greenish yellow when it first comes out and has a band of white at the base of the petals and the bas of the cup.

This one is about as different from that as you can get with its pink cup and white petals. It's a large flower but still looks so delicate.

A note on color coding for daffodils. If you come across any of the specialty catalogs, you'll get a good description of what the flowers will look like without ever seeing a picture. They will be listed with a code that starts with a number, in the case of the above it would be 1 and then there are up to 6 letters divided into two groups. The blossom above would be 1W-P. The color coding moves from the outside of the petals (the first group of letters) to the inside and the coding for the cup from the base to the end. I'll try and put the official coding for all of the pictures from now on.
More rain today, the old 'April showers bring May flowers' stuff, I guess, but I'm not getting anything done outside and we open for the season in less than 2 weeks.

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