Friday, April 17, 2009

Daffodils - Division 3

Division 3 daffodils are 'small cupped' ones. The cup is less than 1/3 the length of the petals. I didn't exactly measure these, but you can start to see the proportions if you look at enough of them. My major problem with deciding from pictures is that so often they are taken straight on and you can't really tell. There I'm depending on my memory of what the flowers look like. Unless you're entering flowers in a show, it really doesn't matter all that much anyway. Pretty flowers are pretty flowers and names or classifications are pretty irrelevant when you're just out enjoying a walk in the garden.
This first one is 'Ring Leader' and has a pretty intense red rim on the cup. It would probably be considered a 3 WWY-GYO.
This next one is almost a beige sort of color - a bit unusual. It's name is 'Oryx'. It is really a pale yellow, but in some lights it looks definitely more beige. I'd call it a 3 YYW-Y
I've really started liking the pink daffodils, even though in some years thay are more apricot. When the pink is good, they are exceptional, especially since the pink color is usually paired with a chalk white which just emphasized it even more. This one is 'Elizabeth Ann'. A perfectly feminine name for a dainty, feminine daffodil. 3W-WWP. If there is more than one color on either the petals of the cup, they divide in thirds so you would know now much of the section is one color and how much another which is why the 'W' repeats in the code.

Last for this morning is 'Centerville'. The petals are a creamy white rather than the chalk white of the last one. 3W-YYO. They are still considered white for classification since there is nothing between white and yellow colorwise and these definitely aren't yellow.
Yesterday turned out to be quite a nice day after the fog burned off. I did way too much weeding and mulching and just general garden cleanup. Today I hope to get to spend some time in the veggie garden if the soil has dried enough to walk on safely and at least get the broccoli and cauliflower plants put in the ground. Strawberries too if I have time. Too much to do and not nearly enough time or energy.

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