Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daffodils - Division 5

Only one picture this morning since I can only find one good one for this division. I know there are more in the yard, but a large number of our daffodils are unnamed seedlings and so putting the pictures up might only frustrate you since you can't buy one 'just like it'. Don't get me started on the people who walk through our seedling daylilies and say that they already have that one. No use explaining that it is a one of a kind and the only clump in existence. This is a common frustration of breeders. Anyway, this one is 'Ice Wings' and is a division 5, Triandrus. These are daffodils that have blooms that hang like bells and usually have 2 or more blooms per stem. They also tend to be tiny flowers.
Last night was probably our last frost for most of the next week. Maybe we won't have any more frosts. Our last frost day is officially sometime around May 15th, but I can remember in the last few years having frost as late as May 23rd. Of course I can also remember, just as recently, having our last frost in mid-April. Despite the threat of still more frost, I'm going to start planting things out today, mostly cold hardy stuff. My onions are already up 4 inches and haven't been bothered, so today the broccoli and cauliflower and strawberry plants will get planted out along with seeds for lettuce, swiss chard, radishes, beets and spinach. It's been too wet up till now to get them in.
Yesterday, in addition to the usual weeding, mulching and pruning, I started dividing and potting up perennials. Got about 6 flats finished and will do more today. I think I will also uncover the overwintered pots so they can get some sunshine. It's only 8 days until we open for the season and with this cold and rainy weather I'm more than a bit behind. I'm sure I'll be ready - always am - but having only a few days, 3 of which promise to be rainy does make me wonder (again) if I might just rather retire from the nursery business and just play in my garden. Of course if I don't sell a few plants, playing in the garden wouldn't be nearly as much fun since I would have to cut back on my new plant purchases. Speaking of purchases, I stopped in at Lowe's a few days ago (in the rain) and rescued 2 flats of their bargain/maybe almost dead plants. All have recovered and are doing well. I got stocks, impatiens, dianthus, petunias, allysum and maybe a few others I can't remember. Will check again tomorrow on the way home from church for a few more bargains. Perfectly good plants for half price or less. From what I've gotten already, it seems that my pots of annuals and the ones I fill in with will be mostly purple and white. Hopefully I can get some snapdragons next time. I'd already gotten a flat of primroses and one of pansies, both of which will hopefully also get planted out today since they can take the lower temperatures.


gandhi said...

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Sylvia (England) said...

Jane, you do sound busy. I can relate you your comment about time and energy - I am always running out of one or the other!.

I have a new guest post up on Pomona's blog I hope you have time to visit.

Best wishes Sylvia (England)