Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daffodils - Division 10, Bulbocodium hybrids

A horrible picture, but the only one I have of this kind of daffodil. These are the hoop petticoat type and seem to be either all yellow or all white. They are small flowers on short stems. This one is called 'Golden Bells'. We have only this one, I think.
Yesterday was spent potting up some more plants. I almost ran out of potting soil, so I won't be able to pot up too much today, just some epimediums I think and then spend the time straightening up a bit in preparation for our season opening tomorrow. I did get finished painting the fish on the outside of the 'pond' where I keep the water plants for sale. I'll get a picture of it today and post it sometime soon. If I do say so myself, it ended up quite nice.
Busy day - off to the garden!

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