Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daffocils - division 2

Missed you all yesterday, but I had to leave here way too early and when I finally sat down to write in the late afternoon, Blogger was having some sort of outage for maintenance.
Back to daffodils today.
I guess it would make sense to just go down the division of daffodils in numerical order, so today we're on to division 2. Rather than rewrite all of the details of the classification system, if you're interested just follow this link to the American Daffodil Association's page which does a wonderful job of describing things.
This first one today is a lovely, chalk white with a pink rimmed cup. 'Bilbo' would be classified as 2W-WP. It is probably a mid to late season bloomer.

This next one is 'Gracious Lady', 2W-YP. I'm not looking these up, in a registration book, just doing this by sight. Sometimes pinks are more apricot or orange and reds can be red or pink of orange, depending on the weather conditions. Some pinks some out more orange and then go to pink or it can be the other way around. From year to year you can't quite tell what to expect. This year our pinks are expecially good, so maybe heat gives you the weird colors since we aren't exactly having a heat wave here lately.
This pretty is 'Loch Naver' and is one of those that I got from a nursery in Northern Ireland. It would be a 2Y-YO. This whole group of daffodils, there are about about 150 of them in total, were really late bloomers the first few years they were here. I don't know if it was the change in climate or what. They are now more in line with the others in the yard, though still slightly later. They are also in more shade since they are interplanted with my tree peonies, so I'm not sure exactly why they are slightly later blooming.
It's really hard to choose what pictures to put up with so many pretty daffodils out right now. I'll keep up with them and then go on the all of the other pretties that are starting. Redbuds are now out and magnolias continue to be gorgeous and some of the viburnums are also beginning to bloom. I didn't have to see that the viburnums were starting, you can smell their sweet scent all over the yard. Bleeding hearts have the beginnings of bloom, expecially the red ones and trilliums are everywhere.

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