Friday, April 24, 2009

Daffodils - Division 9, Poeticus

This is one of my favorite groups of daffodils, has been for many years. They are officially described as having extremely white petals and a cup which is a small crinkled disc. The cup most often has a green center surrounded by a yellow cup with a red rim. They are fragrant.
This first one may be white, but it definitely doesn't follow the formula after that since although there may be a hint of green in the center, there is definitely not red. Its name is 'Unknown Poet'.
The next one is called 'Lisburn' and it more closely fits the description of a poeticus.
Last is 'Dimple'. Cute name for a cute flower. It also seems to lack the green in the center of the cup and red on teh edge. Actually, this one has a lighter edge.

This group is just starting to bloom as they tend to be near the last ones to bloom here each year. I expect our daffodil show is about over for this year. 4 or 5 days of temperatures in the upper 80s should just about do in what is left. It's been a good season and since so many of them are interplanted with peonies, that part of the garden won't be 'just green' for too long. Peony buds are swelling and the earliest of the fernleaf peonies should be in bloom within a week.
I spent yesterday getting ready for our opening day of the gardens and nursery this coming Sunday. It is supposed to be sunny (thought hot) which is a great contrast to some years when the weather has been just horrible. All of the perennials are in place and the miniature hostas. I'll work on trees and shrubs today along with potting up some things. The main hosta area won't get done for this weekend. It is by far the largest display and with 3 more weeks with a chance of frost, I'm just going to leave them on the ground for now.
The hummingbirds have arrived for the season so we put up the feeder yesterday. At least the possums and raccoons don't bother that one.

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keewee said...

Goodness, there are way more daffodils than I realized.