Sunday, August 3, 2008

An unexpected garden delight

Nothing really special here, just a Japanese Painted Fern, a seedling hosta and a trillium, but when I discovered them yesterday after picking up a branch of a Cotinus 'Grace' that a deer had broken, I was just so pleased that we still have a hosta that hasn't become salad for Bambi. It was also odd to have a trillium still up and green, though admittedly, starting to show some browning. Most of our trilliums have long since gone dormant.
My serious gardening right now seems to be limited to early morning weeding and mulching. I just choose a small section every day and finish it. Huge progress on the weeds is not being made, but rather more slow and steady. It does leave some parts of the garden a bit less than tidy, but by August, a lot of the garden, especially peonies and things in a lot of sun, start to look a bit tired anyway. Daylilies are about over except for occasional blooms on the late ones that the deer haven't finished off. What is coming into bloom now are the hibiscus. We planted them purposely to give us color in August and they do their job well. I think I'll write about them for the next few days as they start to bloom. Everyone should have some for their huge flowers and bright colors. Some are more adapted to small gardens than other - some are just downright obnoxious in their size and habit and we have had to transplant a few to more out of the way places because they were just running all over their neighbors ... but more on that tomorrow.

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