Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hibiscus - Hardy Ones Part One

I think I'll do two days of the rest of the hibiscus. These are some species, some wild collected, some hybrids. I thought I could do them all in one day, but I could only get it down to about a dozen pictures that I just had to include, so two days it will be. These are mostly in the 6 foot tall clump size, width about the same once established, though in the wild they just keep spreading/seeding. We have a clump across the street, at the edge of the parking lot that appeared all by itself. I expect seeds in mulch, but who know.
This first one is 'Old Yella'. I guess they had to change the spelling because of copyright stuff. It does have a yellowish tone when it first comes out, but I don't think it lasts all that long in my garden.

This is probably my tiniest one, 'Nacadoces River'. I think it was a wild form collected there. It is my tiniest one at only about 3 feet with small flowers. It lives in a small iris bog away from the others which would just overpower it. It also have very thin, fine leaves.

'Raspberry Rose' has lived in several places in the garden. It has just moved to its third home. It is tall, probably 8 feet or so and besides spreading out a lot, seems to seem all over the place. It has just moved to a place by the parking lot where it can be just as pushy as it likes. The flowers are probably about 8 inches across. It will take quite a bit of water - bog or pond edge.

Sante Fe is a newer one here with large pink flowers on about a 6 foot plant. I think this is one of the Gilberg Farms introductions. They were 3 brothers, all dead now I remember hearing, who spent their lives hybridizing hibiscus. A large percentage of what you find in garden centers comes from their work. Google their website to learn all about them.

'Sweet Caroline' is an older variety, at least it was around before all of these new hybrids hit the market. We sold it about 10 years ago and it wasn't new then. It lives in a bed with roses and daylilies which gets lots of sun and not as much water and seems to be happy.

Last for today is 'Turn of the Century' which arrived here with 'Sweet Caroline'. It seems to be a less robust plant and we had to replace it at least once. I don't see it being sold much, so maybe others had the same experience. It is a unique blend of pink and white which I haven't seen much other than in the tropical hibiscus.

The rest of these tomorrow and then on to ??????

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