Saturday, August 2, 2008

Species Daylilies

Just when there is so much to write about in the garden, it seems that there is just no time to write anything. Here are some pictures of species daylilies. If my memory serves, some of these are foreign species, brought here - maybe all are.
The first is Hemerocallis multiflora.

This mext one is Hemerocallis minor. I've heard some people say that this is not a species, but a named cultivar. I don't know for sure. One thing I do know is that is is terribly cute with very small flowers - from where the name derives - and starts blooming with the very first ones in the late spring and continues for quite an extended period. I've even had it rebloom in late summer, but that doesn't happen all that frequently. Very thin, grassy foliage. In a clump 12 inches across, there will be hundreds of fans.

This next one is Hemerocallis hakuuensis. That may be spelled wrong, but that's how I have it listed. No books at hand this morning to check on it.

This one is Hemerocallis fulva sempervirens.

This is Hemerocallis dunortieri.

Last, but not least, is Hemerocallis aurantiaca.

There are a number of other species, and we grow at least another 5 or 6 in the gardens, but I don't seem to have pictures of them. I've been trying to take pictures of everything, not just the pretties that catch my eye like I did back in the film camera days, but haven't quite caught up. I think I've gotten about 3/4 of them done this year and hope to have them up on the website shortly - just as soon as I get a little free time. This mornings job is cleaning up the limb from the huge, old maple in the front yard that fell last night, just barely missing the porch.

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