Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fall Flowers

You can definitely tell that fall is coming. The garden mostly looks tired, at least in the sunny spots. The shade gardens still look lovely with their dappled light and many shades of green (just overlook the missing leaves where the deer have had a snack). The daylily and peony foliage is browning around the edges as is to be expected in August with no rain, but there are a few bright spots, even in the sun. The picture above is Rudbeckia 'Goldtrurm', Hibiscus 'Raspberry Rose' and one poor daylily with an unnamed pine. In the background is Berberis 'Silver Mule'. These are at the edge of the upper pond, and so probably benefit from that location waterwise. I think tomorrow I'll get on with the 'other' hibiscus, those that are not syriacus and which die to the ground here in the winter.

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