Friday, August 15, 2008

Hosta Plantaginea

Glad to be back after some ISP problems. Not sure what their exact problem was, but I decided that with a maximum connection speed of 12 Kbps, anything past reading essential email would just have to wait.
Today I'll depart from my Hibiscus posts to feature Hosta Plantaginea. I don't seem to write about hostas much, though they are my main collecting obsession and have been for many years. I don't know of any other hosta associated with a feast day, but this one is called variously Plantaginea, August Lily (because it blooms in August - what original naming!), or Assumtion Lily. This one has the distinction of almost always blooming on August 15th which is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and therefore named after Her feast day. How perfect with its large pure white flowers. These are probably among the largest flowers of any hosta and there aren't any that can compare with the sweet scent which fills the yard this time of year. I have at least one that will be in bloom today, others that might be, though they're in deep shade and often a little slower. If you have other hostas with scented flowers, Plantaginea is most likely in its parentage.
I dug/pulled out a patch of bamboo that had gotten somewhat out of control. I wasn't a tall one, just about 3 feets, but it had crept into another bed and out into a path. Quite a big job, but I'm so pleased with the results. I replanted it with shade plants - hostas, ferns, heucheras, pulmonaria, brunnera, and ligularia (or whatever they're calling that one now - don't get me started on changing names on plants we all know by another name). Yesterday I fought off the horse flies and hauled composted chopped leaves to use as mulch. It looks so nice compared to what was there before. I may just rip out the rest of the bamboo there (I have some more in a place where it can do as it pleases) and replant the whole bed. A cool day would be better than trying to do it today, but who knows. You're all gardeners and you know that when an idea strikes you just have to get started with it. Pictures when I get it all finished.

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