Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hibiscus 'Plum Crazy'

I just love these hibiscus this time of year. This is 'Plum Crazy' which is a huge plant with huge flowers. If you haven't seen these up close, the blooms are close to dinner plate size. They're just a wonderful addition to the garden this time of year when things are getting sort of tired looking and browning at the edges. These are crisp and fresh, though maybe a little wilty in the afternoon heat right now since we've had no rain for 3 weeks. The color on this one is hard to pin down in a photograph, as are all of the flowers with lavender/blue/purple blooms. I have 3 pictures of it in my files and none are really true. A bloom in the shade seems to photograph best, though since these are full sun plants, that's not always to easy to do. The middle photo probably shows the purple best, though the bottom one shows the eye better. They are from different sources and do differ slightly. The texture is like crepe paper when you look at it, but quite substantial really. A short post this morning since I need to get out and spread some mulch before it gets hot.

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