Saturday, August 30, 2008


This is Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm', a selection of the common Black Eyed Susan. This was my first purchased one and a very large clump is still growing by the upper pond. This picture was taken many years ago while the clump was still small.
The next one is Rudbeckia maxima, the tall one I think I talked about before. The petals are more rounded and the flowers a bit smaller, but the plant can easily reach 8 feet tall. It seeds freely, so you'll never be without this one, nor will you want to be once you see its cheery blooms in August and until frost.
This next one is a pretty double with an eye which came from a packet of seed which was for 'mixed' Rudbeckia. The local rabbit population did in a lot of them, but this one survived. It is a really late bloomer, just starting now, but worth the wait. It is about 3 feet tall and makes a good cut flower as do the rest of them.

This last one I've planted a whole row of just outside of the fence for my vegetable garden. It is simply a double Black Eyed Susan called 'Goldilocks'. It started blooming from seed planted this spring in July and is still going strong. I had one plant of this from that mixed seed packed and looked around for what it might have been since I liked it so much. This year I found it and it really makes a nice border. It is near my zinnias and large marigolds, so there will be color there until heavy frost.

I might try an assorted pack again to see just what else is out there. They are definitely hardy and have a long bloom season and do cheer up the garden when lots of things are looking a bit worse for the wear.

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