Monday, August 11, 2008

Green Tree Frog

I am nothing if not easily distracted. Back to Hibiscus tomorrow. This is a very tiny tree frog I came across yesterday afternoon sunning him/her self on the handle of a watering can which was sitting in a bucket of water. This guy and a friend could have both easily fit on a dime. I haven't gotten out my frog book to look him up yet, but I think he might be my elusive Spring Peeper that I have been trying to see/photograph for years. I love the tree frogs because, besides singing their little hearts out with a noise all out of proportion to their size, they have such cute feet with their 'suction cup' toes. He seemed totally oblivious to me since I looked at him for awhile and then went inside to get my camera and came back to find him in exactly the same place. The bullfrogs are singing a lot right now. We have them in three of the ponds. We bought a couple of bullfrog tadpoles years ago to put in the largest pond. I think we moved tadpoles around with waterlily pots to get them to the other ponds since I don't think the bullfrogs traveled all through the garden and across the bridge to get to Lake Amanda. I also came across my first baby toad of the year yesterday. It must have just been that sort of day.

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