Monday, June 29, 2009

Steve Moldovan - Part 2

I started this post yesterday - got all of the pictures chosen and put up, but then Hank needed helf with something and I never got back to the computer.
This is the continuation of the daylilies of Steve Moldovan. This first one is 'Strawberry Swirl'. It has just the faintest darker pink eyezone.

'South Seas' is always a favorite of visitors to the garden. It is just so loud. This picture just doesn't do justice to how loud the color it, virtually glowing most days.

Next is 'Solar Crest', an older one. Just yellow, but a very nice, creamy yellow with ruffled edges and a green throat. I always like green throats on daylilies. (they also come in yellow and orange) On a yellow daylily, any color throat seems all right, but on a deep colored red or purple, the yellow or orange just is kind of glaring, at least to me.

'Salieri' is a deep purple and difficult to photograph and get the color right. This is one of those purples with a yellow throat. Imagine it with a cool green center and you'll see what I mean about the difference throat color can make.

'Rose Tattoo', not sure where the name comes from - I wish hybridizers had to tell how they came up with the name on the registration papers since some names are just peculiar. A lovely pink, anyway.

'Pewter Lake' has always been one of my favorites (I know, I say that a lot) because of the color, which is not ever captured on film in the same way you see it in the garden. It is lavender, but grey and misty. I don't know of any other daylily with the same color.

Not an especially good picture of 'Mountain Majesty', but the color at least is right on this one. Daylilies can be a bit misshaped sometimes due to weather or insects or being recently transplanted. Even cool weather can keep them from opening properly.

Lots of pictures this morning because I just couldn't decide which ones to leave out - and all of these flowers are too prety to skip. This one is 'Mightly Mogul', one of the first ones I planted when I moved here. I still like reds, though pinks and purple are probably my favorites at the moment.

'Mephistopheles' is a difficult flower to open and get to look really good. I'm still trying for a perfect picture of it. The color is a darker purple than shows here and the throat has more green (you can see some of it at the base of the throat). It has a tendency to have some spots where the base of the petal (the white) shows through the color layer, especially on the sepals (the 3 back petals). I think this can also be weather related.

Last is Mariska. Pretty name for a pretty flower. This one is always perfect. I can't get too close to it now because it is at the base of a pole with a bird house on top and bluebirds have babies there now. I like watching them flying in and out bringing and endless supply of food for the babies. Baby birds everywhere now, especially cardinals and rufous sided towhees. They seem to be everywhere. The various finch babies are all grown up as big as their parents so we can't tell them apart any more. The cutest are probably the various woodpecker babies, almost as big as their parents, but still demanding to be fed.

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