Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Pictures

We waited quite a few years for this Lady Slipper Orchid to bloom. The bloom seems to be quite long lasting, at least a week, and just lovely. We also have a yellow flowered one, but it didn't bloom this year. These are hardy orchids that like a woodsy setting. My mother remembers when they still grew in the woods/park behind their house. No longer, unfortunately.

This is iris 'Enfant Prodge'. Besides the lovely color, it is tall, long blooming and multiplies very rapidly. We have it growing in several of the small ponds and will have it in several other places soon since it needs to be thinned again.

This one is a species iris, Fulva, and also primarily a water iris, though we do have it growing in a place that is merely damp. This is the species from which the red in all other iris cultivars was originally obtained. There is also a creamy yellow form.

Poppy 'Patty's Plum' has to be one of my favorite poppies. It was difficult to establish, but now has made a large clump and is quite a dependable bloomer.

Last for this morning is iris colchesterii. Very few people who see this in bloom and have a pond or wet place to put it leave here without a clump of this one. Another rapid multiplier, we fortunately always seem to have enough to divide.
Yesterday was August in June - hot and humid. A thundershower cooled things off a bit mid-afternoon, but for most of the day it was just too hot to do much. We managed to weed in the shade for the morning, but after lunch photography was the only things we could manage.
A note for those who are coming to see the daylilies in the garden this year. We have scapes everywhere, so plan on peak bloom in about 3 weeks, at least that's my best guess. I'll keep you updated. All of my potted daylilies will be $5 this year. I've potted up a lot of new things so there should be a good selection of colos and types for everyone. Prices on those I have to dig will be the prices published on the website catalog, so the already potted ones can be a real bargain. I think there are a couple of $25 ones included in the mix.

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