Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Photos

I'm not done with the peonies, but it's taking a bit of thought and research and since I want to do it right, I'll keep working on it and post when I have it done. In the meanwhile, here are some pictures I took yesterday when it was too hot to do much except take pictures (and maybe a little hot for that too in the sun).
First is an Anemone which is from a bulb we planted this spring. They were assorted colors and this was the first to bloom. I don't think the other colors can be any better than this.

Next is the first bloom on Calycanthus 'Venus'. The smell on this one is definitely heavenly. This was a hard plant to find to buy and hard to get started, but I think it's happy now.

I don't know the name of this rose, and it's been in the garden forever, but I think this was the most perfect bloom it has ever had. It grows in the middle of a daylily bed that started out life as a rose bed.

The Dragon Arum has just opened its bloom. It is quite an amazing thing and though lovely to look at, is one of those things that smells really, really bad since it wants to attract flies to pollinate it and so smells like something died and is rotting in the garden. Always a conversation piece on garden tours. Unless the weather is terribly hot, the bloom will be out for about a week, I think.

This is Blue Eyes Grass. I tried planting a fancy version of this once, but without success. This is one that planted itself and is quite happy. We have it in several places in the garden. It is tiny and dainty with the flowers only about a quarter of an inch across or less.

Iris 'Chance Beauty' will grow at the edge of a pond or bog or just in the garden. It is a tall one, probably close to 4 feet tall.

The cactus flowers are starting and this one was just lovely yesterday. We also had a tangerine colored one, a red and a yellow in bloom. Their season is just starting and will go on for a few weeks. The winter was hard on come of the cactuses, but most seem really covered with buds.

I'll try and take some more pictures today to share. So much is blooming right now it is just nice to wander around the gardens.

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