Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heavenly Gardens

All gardens are heavenly, but this is about Jamie Gossard's nursery outside of Columbus Ohio. I had a picture of one of his creations yesterday, and since I didn't see any daylilies that really caught my eye when I was taking pictures yesterday, I thought I'd just put some more of his up and highlight one of our Ohio hybridizers.
This first flower is one of my favorites, Tahoe Snow Blizzard. The shape is always perfect and the color is sort of a light french vanilla rather than a pure white. The shape is call and Unusual Form.
This next one is Startling Creation...

followed by Radiation Biohazard.

Heavenly Curls is another of his unusual forms ...

As is Heavenly Angel Ice. Quite a few of his over 200 introductions are Heavenly 'Something' after the name of his nursery.

Last is Brown Exotica, a bit different from the others I have from him. It's still an unusual form, but the color is a bit dark and mysterious looking. Much more subtle than the others.

Since I got started on this, I think I'll continue with some of the other Ohio hybridizers for the next few days. In a few weeks there will be a tour of the gardens in Ohio so I guess this is a good time to promote them.
Hot this week, so most of my heavy duty gardening will be done in the morning. Beans to plant this morning and then weeding. Afternoons when it gets like this are for weeding in shady places - which will at least partly explain why my shade gardens are always so much more weed free than the sunny places. Then again, I have a stack of books to catch up on, but that usually waits until August when even mornings get difficult for gardening.

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Tatyana said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous blooms! Heavenly Curls is something!