Friday, June 19, 2009

Spirea 'Lemon Princess'

A small spirea with little lemon colored leaves is 'Lemon Princess'. Just now it is covered with pinky lavender blooms. It was new here last year and has definitely found a home. Quite a pretty thing. It is now about 2 feet tall and I think it won't get much bigger - though I've been promised a dwarf plant before only to be surprised by it's eventual size.
A quick post this morning because I have weeding to do before it is 90 degrees out there or raining cats and dogs.


GardenJoy4Me said...

I have a number of Spirea .. I'm turning more to the smaller ones , so this one has caught my attention ... thank you !

mlc said...

I have one of those and it is indeed an unobtrusive pretty little thing. Good luck with the weeding. It is raining here in Wayne County already.
How do you get time to weed and post in that great little blog of yours? Your blog is a treasure chest of information. Thank you for educating us.

Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

I usually post before I even get out of bed in the morning - I do love my laptop - and then probably won't see my compute until bedtime. Daytime is for the garden this time of year.