Friday, June 26, 2009

Crintonic Gardens

One of our best known Ohio hybridzers, Curt Hanson, operates Crintonic Gardens. Curt has been at ths a long time, over 20 years now, and has nearly 500 creations to his name. Here are only a few or my favorites. Curt is known for his quirky and sometimes controversial names. I don't seem to have pictures of any/many with really odd names. The daylily society (American Hemerocallis Society) website has a database of registrations. If you want to see more introductions by any of these hybridizers you can to there and just type in their last name under hybridizer.
This first one is 'Unfolding Paradox'. It is a rather odd thing, being not quite symmetrical. Each flower is a slightly different shape.
This lovely pale pink one is 'Temporary and Eternal'.
'Spiritual Corridor' has been in the garden for quite a few years. It took it a long time t settle in and for the colors to be right - some daylilies are like that. It is now gorgeous and just covered with blooms for many weeks.

This is 'Primal Scream' which is one of my all time favorite's of Curt's. The color can be seen from quite a distance and it is a rather large flower.

This is 'Notify Ground Crew' which looks like a simple yellow flower in the picture. If you notice, though, I am looking up at the bloom to take the picture. It's the only way I can do it since it is taller than I am. We have it growing under a redbud tree and in years when the deer are bad, they usually miss the buds on this one because they are up in the branches and they just don't see them.

'Nosferatu' is really quite a darker color than this picture indicates, but it is the only one I have until it blooms again this year. Dark flowers are often hard to photograph.

'Gunsmoke' is an older one.

We got 'Game Theory' two years ago and it is a lovely lavender/pink/not sure exactly what color. Different in different light and at different times of the day.

Last for this morning is 'Bela Lugosi' which is one of the darkest ones in the garden. It is always velvety and doesn't fade in the sun like to many of the dark ones do. Daylilies are always best first thing in the morning before they have to put up with the heat and sun, but then again, the blooms only last one day, so they don't have to be able to put up with all that much. New ones appear day after day for several weeks.

Off to weeding and pruning and potting. Not many changes in the routine this time of year.


Anonymous said...

I've been on Curt's mailing list for many years but haven't received any of late. Also noticed he doesn't have a website anymore - is this correct?

Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

His webste can be found at
I'm not sure about theprint catalog for this year since I haven't received one.

Anonymous said...

This address unfortunately does not link to Curt's site anymore. Does anyone have any information?

Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

The day I posted the link it was working - I checked before posting it - but you're right, today it's not working. I'll check with the woman who works on his site and see if she can help.

A Glass Artist said...

It does look like he's allowed his domain name registration to lapse.