Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ilex opaca

I'll be back later today to write about these - just time enough to upload the pictures right now.
OK, here I am, blogging while I eat my macaroni and cheese.
This first one is one of my favorite hollies, Ilex opaca 'William Hawkins'. It seems to still be a small bush even after 5 years, though it has grown some and is really healthy looking. The leaves are spiny, but long and thin. No berries yet on this one.

Next is Ilex opaca 'Morgan's Gold'. The rest of these are all trees, looking very opaca-ish and pyrimidal. The berries are gold and there are usually plenty of them.

This is a more unusual one and one of a series of selections, this one, Ilex opaca 'Corpening #3' (one would assume there are a #1 and a #2 it not more). It is an orange berry, very pumpkinish and since they are usually all berried up by Thanksgiving, this one is perfect to use then if all of the other flowers have been frosted.

Ilex opaca 'Cardinal' is one of many red berried forms. I hate to say it, but so many of them look just alike. I know people like to name things, but one of my pet peeves is that it should at least be distinctive enough or enough of an improvement in some way that it deserves to be named. Getting off soapbox!

This las one is definitely one of my favorites. It's Ilex opaca 'Canary' and is a bright yellow berried one. You definitely see this one from a distance. We have several, but the nicest one (and the one in the picture) is above the upper pond and is visible from lots of different places.

Maybe some general info on hollies and cultural stuff tomorrow while I decide where we're going next.

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